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The Englishing of Ismail Kadare-by David Bellos
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Notes of a retranslator

Jusuf Vrioni died in 2002, and a competition was


held to find his successor. Four finalists were read "blind" by publisher's readers (Kadare did not even look at the submissions) and the unanimous verdict went - not to a Frenchman, but to another and perhaps equally special Albanian, Tedi Papavrami, a concert violinist now based in Geneva. Papavrami's French is far more intricate than Vrioni's, I might say it is almost baroque, and I think the change of tone will be noticeable in The Successor, the next of Kadare's novels to appear in English (probably this fall). Kadare claims his own style in Albanian hasn't changed one bit, but he does not mind at all that his French work has been moved in the direction of greater linguistic complexity...








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