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"Scarlatti" - Bayern 4 classical
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Domenico Scarlatti - Sonaten - (working on for violin solo) - Tedi Papavrami, violin
Otherwise it had usually turned around: Pianists furnished themselves for their
88 keys, which had been able to before play an individual violin with their
four strings at virtuoser and/or spirit-deep music.

One thinks kongeniale piano transmissions of Paganini' Capriccen for violin solo, or of Busonis treatment of the "Chaconne" of Franz Liszts from Johann Sebastian of brook D-moll-Partita. Now however a high-talented violonist stepped on the plan and the "Esserzizi by Gravicembalo" from Domenico Scarlatti took care of. And if one listens to this Tedi Papavrami, as inspired, how sound-beautifully and in the correct places sparkling he is able to play the Kleinodien of the Spanish Neapolitaners on its violin, then one asks itself, why not long already someone came on this idea.

If it is already frappant, how "geigerisch" the breathing Kantabilitaet of this music proves, then it borders on the marvelous, how sovereign is able it Papavrami, the distorted being correct guidance Scarlattis, the charm of the harmony changes to realize the reisserischen Accacciaturen! Ethereal oktaven, Pizzicato chains of the left hand, akrobatische elbow technology: Its highly transparent Intonation still the most complex multi-sounds, lends outrageous impulses to the internal prop strength of this music and sets it as it were under river - a phenomenon, which can never come on a key instrument to carrying.

Which set Papavrami with the twelve Sonaten transliterated by it to violinistisch satztechnischer Raffinesse into the work and also truly to sounding brings, hoping for more makes - finally Scarlatti left around the 555 such small sneezing realms. - Helmut Rohm, Bayern 4 classical period

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