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"Prokofiev" - The Strad
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Strad_Website_MastheadScarlatti   August 1997

Sergey PROKOFIEV: Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 2  - Sonata for Solo Violin. Op. 115
Tedi Papavrami, violin with the Polish Nat'l RSO, Antoni Wit, conductor

When I first heard tlie 14-year-old Albanian  Tedi Papavrami
in Pierre Amoyal's master class at tlie Paris Conservatoire,
it was evident that given continued proper guidance le head


the potential to become an outstanding violinist. Now, at 26, lie demonstrates that he has fulfilled his promise in this all-Prokofiev recording. Of the two concertos, no1 is particularly impressive. The opening misterioso is properly couched in subdued tones, a mood often over-played, even by formidable violinists; the slashing bowing attacks erupt furiously and even at tremendous speed the passagework is flawless. Concerto no.2 is marginally less satisfying, principally because Papavrami inexplicably elects to play the expressively songful beginning of the second movement (among other lyric phrases) with a bland sound; a shame, when lie is capable of producing a tone of warmth and, when necessary, vital intensity. The soloist could profit often from a greater presence; both blemishes apparently due to the engineering. In Prokofiev's Solo Prokofiev with gusto from Tedi Papavrami Sonata (Oistrakh considered it an inferior work and refused to perform it, despite his friendship with the composer) Papavrami negotiates the work's banalities brilliantly, witli splendid gusto and spotless technique. In all, Papavrami is an artist well worth knowing. Henry ROTH


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