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Romantic all the way

Orch.symphMagnificent violinist and a fine co-operation in Aarhus
by John Christiansen, Jyllands-Posten 1 April 2006

The relationship between the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra
and the young Albanian violinist Tedi Papavrami is a happy one.
He has earlier performed Saint-Saëns' third violin concerto
and Brahms' violin concerto with the orchestra. This time it was
Tchaikovsky. Papavrami is very convincing from a technical point-of­view

— and musically even more so. His sound is warm and full of light and shade, and the way he shapes the music, it becomes coherent and develops — in a full tone.
The audience spontaneously applauded alter the first movement — not because they didn't know how to behave in a concert hall. It was a natural applause. Hopefully — and probably — Papavrami has already been re-invited.


Violinist by the Book

Heartfelt emotion, bite and temperament — Tchaikovsky's violin concerto was played by the book, when Albanian Tedi Papavrami visited the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra the other night. And in a way, that was the problem. Because even though Papavrami indisputably is a tremendously gifted violinist, technically superior and with a wonderful sense of sound, he still left you in doubt as to what was his purpose with the music.

If he wanted to communicate something? Beside exactly: playing it by the book? The pain, which is so easy to hear in Tchaikovsky's music, did not really reach you. In the same way, his "fantasizing" - when throwing himself in lonely majesty into the solo cadenza — did not seem to be carried by great curiosity. - by Jakob Wivel, Borsen 03 April 2006

Romantic sound

[...] The violinist Tedi Papavrami is a magnificent musician. The few minor problems of synchronization with the orchestra during Tchaikovsky's wonderful concerto coud by and large be attributed to the special situation of the orchestra being extended with a considerable number of extra musicians from the Royal Academy of Music. Because the performance of the solo part was absolutely gripping — especially in the first movement. Great sound, passion! And in the other two movements the soloist displayed an over-all maturity in the expression, vividly communicated through the delightfully adjusting effect of the repetitions. The encore was Papavrami's own transcription of a Scarlatti keyboard sonata, which once again documented the technical mastery and the sensuous musicality of this fine musician. [...] - by Ole Straarup, 01 Apri l2006

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