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Kritika të Cd-ve

"Bach" - Télérama
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Télérama n° 2916   evaluation-qualite
Johann Sébastian Bach
- Les Six Sonates et Partitas
- Tedi Papavrami (violon)
- 2 CD Aeon/Harmonia Mundi

« La musique de Bach est la seule chose qui donne
l'impression que l'univers n'est pas raté », se consolait
Cioran, avouant « sans Bach, je serais un nihiliste absolu ».


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"Bach" - par Em Marshall
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Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) - The Six Sonatas & Partitas

I was very impressed with this disc of Bach solo violin
Partitas and Sonatas. It has been attractively produced,
and I was at once intrigued by the excellent, idiosyncratic
and philosophical sleeve-notes, which muse upon how
great things are often the simple things - as exemplified


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"Prokofiev" - The Strad
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Strad_Website_MastheadScarlatti   August 1997

Sergey PROKOFIEV: Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 2  - Sonata for Solo Violin. Op. 115
Tedi Papavrami, violin with the Polish Nat'l RSO, Antoni Wit, conductor

When I first heard tlie 14-year-old Albanian  Tedi Papavrami
in Pierre Amoyal's master class at tlie Paris Conservatoire,
it was evident that given continued proper guidance le head


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"Prokofiev" - "BBC Music Magazine"
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Prokofiev wrote just two violin concertos, though
20 years were to seperate their composition.
The first was composed around the time of


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